Armada Competency Based Learning Model CBE Mindshift

Definition -

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Dispositions required to successfully
perform ‘critical work functions’ or tasks in a defined work setting.


Student-centered -

Based on student goals, choice, self-determination. Engagement comes from students forging their own path.


Outcomes-based -

Students must master certain standards to progress, students will graduate with college ready transcript, employable skills, college credits, work experience, and a business ready certification.

Differentiated -

System adapts to students instead of forcing students into one-size fits all system. Ungraded, progression is based on proficiency in content and standards. Coursework and experience are tailored to students’ career path and adapted as needed often with online or adaptive software.


Aptitude driven -

Students are not given career interest surveys in isolation. They combine them with aptitude assessments and then work towards refining skills in order to achieve competency towards a career goal.


Accountability -

Results are not judged on projections, but reality. Actual college success of graduates is valued more than college readiness projections to encourage schools to service students longer.

At-risk -

Any student who is in danger of not reaching his or her potential regardless of proficiency. A high performing student who cannot apply learning is just as at-risk as a struggling student.


21st Century Skills - 

Incorporates characteristics that are necessary to be a successful and productive citizen in our complex, modern society such as responsibility, problem-solving, perseverance, and a growth mindset.