Our Mission

It is the mission of the Armada Area Schools to provide all students a dynamic learning environment in order to cultivate a mindset for academic excellence and social growth.

In pursuit of this mission, the Armada Area School District will: 

  • provide a safe and engaging learning environment 
  • establish high expectations for students 
  • deliver a comprehensive and diverse curriculum 
  • employ creative, enthusiastic, and innovative staff
  • inspire and support staff for professional growth and continuous improvement
  • nurture personal responsibility and respect for others
  • actively engage parents and other community members in the learning process

Our Vision 

Our vision is to create an exemplary destination school district, which is acknowledged for the caliber of its graduates, the quality of its staff, and the excellence of its programs.

In pursuit of this vision, the Armada Area Schools will:  

  • employ a creative, enthusiastic, and innovative staff
  • offer diverse, quality educational programs
  • insure a culture of learning for all students
  • support and inspire all learners to embrace learning, excel, and own their own future
  • continuously aspire to greatness

Attainment of this vision requires:

  • perseverance and a growth mindset
  • programs that meet diverse learning needs
  • quality instructional facilities
  • financial support for continuity of quality programs
  • schools which meet accreditation standards
  • a highly qualified staff
  • a diversity of experiences with a global perspective

Annual Notices

Bullying Policy

District Policies

District Calendar

Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Form

Title IX (Nondiscrimination Policy Manual)

Title IX Complaint Form

Title IX Coordinator Contact Information:

Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and Curriculum

(586) 784-2136

74500  Burk Street

Armada, MI 48005



Administrative Assistant


74500 Burk Street

Armada, MI 48005


Title IX Training Information:

SafeSchools/SetSeg - Training link

Staff Training Completion Sheet 

Title IX Training PDF