Board of Education

Scott Kline  - President

Jordan Ackerman  - Vice President

Susan Nieman  - Treasurer

Judy Tobey  - Secretary

Edward Cooper  - Trustee

Cheryl Murray - Trustee

Michele Meerschaert - Trustee

The 2020 regular meetings of the Armada Area Schools Board of Education will be held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. per the linked schedule unless posted otherwise. 

Upon a 5-day request to the Superintendent, the District shall make reasonable accommodations for a person with disabilities to be able to participate in a meeting.

Goals for the Board of Education

The purpose of the Board of Education is to represent the community by establishing policies that determine the direction of the Armada Area Schools.  To address this purpose, members of the Board of Education have adopted these goals for themselves:

  1. To support the development of a comprehensive long-range curriculum
  2. To support long-range financial stability
  3. To regularly assess feedback about programs and services from students, staff, and community members
  4. To continuously strengthen the capability of School Board members by pursuing information and training
  5. To be effective advocates for public schools and the role of public education in a democratic society