Parent Resources

Please find below commonly used websites by our building.  

PowerSchool   This site allows you to access your student's grades.  If you need the log in, information please contact Mrs. Drinkhorn in the office.  Click on the "grade history" to view grades.  This document  will explain how to set up your account.  Please note that T1, T2, and T3 at the top of the columns indicates the different trimesters.  If a number, grade, or assignment title appears in blue then you may click on it for further specific information. For example, if you click on the math grade shown on the initial screen, it will then allow you to view specific assignments and the grade given or if it is missing.  If the assignment name is in blue, you may then click on this to read a comment left by the teacher that pertains to that specific assignment.  Also note that at the bottom of the grades is a key that will explain what the different colored shapes represent.  

AR BookFinder   This site provides a comprehensive list of book titles available for your student to take an AR test on.  If you would like more information about how AR works please review this parent guide  for a detailed explanation of how to use the AR BookFinder link.  Contact  your student's teacher for the specific point goal required for each trimester.  

TCB is our non-profit volunteer parent group dedicated to making the school a more enjoyable experience for students by supporting the efforts of the staff and administration.  

School Closing News

CBS Detroit 

Title One Info 

Read more about Title One services.  Title One Parent Compact 

Start Saving for College 

The Michigan Education Trust 
Michigan Education Savings Program

Google Docs  Our building uses Google Docs, a component of Google Drive,  with our students.  This is a free web-based word processing application (similar to Microsoft Word) that may be accessed from any computer using the Internet.  Each student will have a unique username and password, however, parents may choose to sign-up for a free account.  You will need to first sign up for a free Gmail account  if you do not already have one.  You may view a video tutorial on how to use Google Docs with this information beginning at 1 minute 8 seconds into the tutorial.  Note that on the right side of the page is the option to watch further videos on the use of Google Drive and the other fantastic options that will be available for you.  Google Drive (available to you once you have your Gmail account) also provides free presentation (similar to PowerPoint), spreadsheet (similar to Excel), and drawing capabilities.  

Parent Digital Citizenship Resources

Family Tech Planner Ages 2-8

Family Tech Planner Ages 9-12

Media Articles for Parents

Common Sense Media Parenting Tips